Herbert Walter Dahmer

Within the annals of American history, certain names echo with a resonance far greater than others. One such name, Dahmer, sends ripples of recognition. Yet, while the notoriety of Jeffrey Dahmer is well-documented, the broader Dahmer family tree has its share of fascinating stories. Herbert Walter Dahmer, the quiet anchor, stands testament to this claim. In this article, we explore his life, legacy, and the broader Dahmer family narrative.

The Early Days: Birth and Ancestry

A Historic Morning in Crawford, Wisconsin

On August 21, 19013, Crawford, Wisconsin, welcomed a new resident: Herbert Walter Dahmer. The son of 35-year-old Rose M. Siedel and 36-year-old John Dahmer, Herbert’s roots were firmly planted in Wisconsin soil from his very first breath.

Growing Amidst Family Ties

Navigating through childhood, Herbert was surrounded by the love and guidance of his parents, Rose and John. Their influence would play a crucial role in molding the man he’d become, instilling values and principles that would guide him through life.

Building a Family: Love, Loss, and Legacy

A Union with Catherine Jemima Hughes

In a significant chapter of his life, Herbert united in matrimony with Catherine Jemima Hughes. Their bond of love and companionship birthed a daughter, further extending the Dahmer family tree.

Life in West Allis, Milwaukee

From 1940 to 1971, Herbert and Catherine, along with their daughter, found a home and heart in West Allis, Milwaukee. This location would later hold substantial significance in the Dahmer family narrative.

The Subsequent Generations: Lionel, Jeffrey, and Beyond

Lionel Dahmer: The Link Between Generations

Lionel Dahmer, Herbert’s grandson, emerged as a notable figure in this lineage. His life saw its share of trials, most notably, navigating the notoriety brought on by his son, Jeffrey Dahmer. Lionel’s unions, first with Joyce from 1959 to 1978, and subsequently with Shari, with whom he now resides in Seville, Ohio, added layers to the family’s chronicle.

The Dark Shadow: Jeffrey Dahmer

Jeffrey Dahmer, infamously known as the Milwaukee Cannibal or the Milwaukee Monster, stands as a stark contrast to the otherwise quiet Dahmer lineage. The elder son of Lionel and Joyce, Jeffrey’s heinous crimes between 1978 and 1991 cast a long, chilling shadow on the family’s name.

Herbert Walter Dahmer’s Final Chapter

Herbert’s journey, filled with its ups and downs, culminated in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, on May 24, 197. His departure marked the end of an era, and he was subsequently laid to rest in the serene environs of Highland Memorial Park in New Berlin.


The life and times of Herbert Walter Dahmer offer a contemplative look into a family that, in later years, found itself at the epicenter of public scrutiny. Through the highs and lows, through the love and the heartaches, Herbert’s life story reminds us of the enduring spirit of family and the legacies that interweave through generations.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Dahmer Legacy

Where was Herbert Walter Dahmer born?

Herbert Walter Dahmer was born in Crawford, Wisconsin.

How is Jeffrey Dahmer related to Herbert Walter Dahmer?

Jeffrey Dahmer is the great-grandson of Herbert Walter Dahmer.

Who were Herbert’s parents?

Herbert was the cherished son of Rose M. Siedel and John Dahmer.

Where is Herbert Walter Dahmer interred?

Herbert rests in Highland Memorial Park, New Berlin.

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