Facts You Didn’t Know About K-pop

K-pop is one of the most popular music genres in the world right now, with an ever-expanding fanbase that’s deeply devoted to the genre and its many artists. Here are fascinating facts about K-pop you may not have known about before.

1) K-pop is a global phenomenon

The industry rakes in billions of dollars each year, and it is estimated that over 1 billion people worldwide are fans of at least one band or member. In fact, fans spend an average of $18 on products related to their favorite idol, sometimes foregoing basic necessities. Crazy? Sure. But that’s why we love them! Here are some facts you didn’t know about K-pop stars

2) K-pop isn’t new

Most people think of PSY’s 2012 Gangnam Style video when they hear about South Korean pop music, but K-pop was founded back in 1992 by a South Korean record producer and composer. The genre quickly gained popularity, thanks to its catchy tunes and dance moves, and now has fans all over the world. Here are 8 facts you didn’t know about K-pop!

3) Group sizes vary from 4 to over 20 members

Group size depends on genre, social status, and a number of other factors. Popular idol groups will have around 10 members on average, while smaller groups are often closer to 4 or 5 members. However, some groups will have larger numbers of members. In rare cases, you might even find a group with over 20 people in it! (Can you imagine?)

4) Record labels produce idol groups

Before a band or artist is signed to a major label, they undergo training and auditions which are often broadcast on television. When an idol group debuts, they are not only performers but also become products that their labels need to sell. This can lead to long hours and grueling schedules, depending on how quickly an idol group wants to succeed. Girls’ Generation’s debut single was recorded in four languages: Korean, Japanese, Mandarin Chinese and English.

5) Despite their appearance, idols are real people

They’re not just beautiful, talented performers. They also go to school, work part-time jobs, hang out with friends, date (yes!), and eat food. Here are some interesting facts you might not know about your favorite idols

6) Music is used for different purposes in K-pop

Sometimes, it’s meant to underscore a performance or match a concept; other times, it is an end in itself. But no matter what its use, K-pop songs are meant to be heard—and that’s why we’ve put together these eight facts about Korean pop music. Are you ready? Let’s get started!


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