Apple CEO Tim Cook Earned Over 1,400 Times the Company’s Average Worker in 2021

Apple CEO Tim Cook procured a sum of 98.7 million dollars in base compensation, stock, and other remuneration in 2021. Cook’s impetuses additionally incorporate things like security and private flights. Cupertino-based doesn’t allow its CEO to fly in business planes for the sake of security. His all-out compensation is more than his 2020 compensation of $14 million, Apple’s recording with SEC uncovered. Tim Cook took over as Apple’s CEO in 2011. He has been leading the organization for near 10 years.

According to Apple’s SEC documenting, Cook procured $3 million in base compensation, $12 billion for finishing the organization’s monetary and natural supportability objectives. Moreover, he got a remuneration of $1.39 million which incorporates $712,488 personal luxury plane travel, $630,630 for security, $23,077 for get-aways, $17,400 commitment to his 401(k) plan. He additionally acquired up to $82.35 million in stock honors.

The documenting specifies that Apple has had noteworthy development in 2021. The lockdown and Coronavirus alarm didn’t deflect its deals. To be exact, Apple announced income development of 33% and $365 billion in deals.

“It’s been an amazing decade for Apple and in 2021 Mr. Cook was allowed a value grant interestingly since he was elevated to CEO in August 2011,” Apple noted in the documenting. Aside from Cook, other Apple leaders Luca Maestri, Kate Adams, Jeff Williams, and Deirdre O’Brien got remunerations between $26 million and $27 million.

A report in CNBC uncovered that Cook’s stock honors were dictated by considering Apple’s exhibition in 2021 and how Cook added to the development of Apple around the same time. Apple made more than $83.4 billion every 2021. It was accounted for that the organization might have procured more assuming they were no store network deficiencies.

In 2014, Apple’s CEO got an aggregate of $14.8 million, which does exclude the stock honors that were vested during that time. A Bloomberg report distributed in August positioned cook as the eighth-most generously compensated CEO in the US. Presently, Tesla honcho Elon Musk is the most generously compensated CEO on the planet. His total assets are in excess of 200 billion.


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