The Techno Music Genre

The Techno Music Genre

Techno music is a type of electronic music that relies on live instruments. It is among the most popular type of electric music. For livelier club dances, DJs mix a continuous set.

History of the Techno Music Genre

The techno music genre was mostly enjoyed in Germany and other European countries. In the 1980s, Techno music started becoming popular in the US with Michigan, New York, Deloitte, and Chicago being the first cities where this music hit. It was particularly enjoyed by the African-American youth who enjoyed the energy it brought.

By the 1990s the Techno music genre had gained global reception. “No UFOS” was credited as the first true Techno and was produced in Michigan by Juan Atkins. Although the music originated from Europe, Juan seems to get more credit and considered the reason the Techno music genre went global. Besides Juan, other pioneers of Techno music include:

• Kraftwerk

• Tangerine Dream

• C.J Bolland

• Derrick May

• Kevin Saunderson

Today, the Techno music genre has grown to have other subgenres within. They include:

• Trance

• Electronica

• Jungle

• Gabba

• Minimal techno

• Ambient techno

• Hardcore techno

• Disco


• Detroit techno

• Ghettotech

How to Differentiate the Techno Genre from the Others

Repetitive beats: this music genre has repetitive beats with a beautiful rhythm. This characteristic makes it suitable in places where people want to dance and have fun while breaking a sweat. It can go for 120-150 beats per minute.

Compositional technique: techno music is solely dependent on the producer’s creativity. Looping for this music is done from a drumbeat or a baseline and is done in a live setting.

Synthesizers and drum machines: the Techno music genre is produced using electronic instruments. Vintage machines are used while producing this music, which is why they have become so popular worldwide. Often, these instruments are associated with producing quality sounds.

The Techno music genre continues growing and has had other subgenres from the main subgenres. Great DJs such as David Guetta, Calvin Harris, DJ Snake, and others have emerged.