The Latina Music Genre

The Latina Music Genre

Almost 400 million people worldwide speak Spanish making it the second most spoken language worldwide. This has led to the birth and popularity of the Latina music genre, originating from the Caribbean south of the United States of America and the countries bordering South America. The Latina music genre also incorporates African beats blend from the enslaved West and East African people that still dominate the international airwaves to date.

Therefore, if you are a fan of music and the Latina music genre is your go-to music then there is a huge variety of different Latin music genres and styles to discover. Moreover, this article has everything you need to know about the history of Latina music, including a highlight of different Latina music genres, typical songs, and the music structure.

History of the Latina Music Genre

The origins of the Latina music genre trace back to the Spanish –Portuguese speaking nations. Geographically, it usually refers to Latin American countries like Brazil, Argentina, but sometimes it encompasses the territories of the Caribbean Island and South America. Due to its highly synergetic nature, it also includes Latin American styles that have their origins in the United States like the famous Salsa.

In summary, the Latina music genre is traceable back to the 16th century during Spanish-Portuguese America’s conquest when the European settlers brought their music to Latin America from overseas.

However, the Latina music structure remains the same throughout as it maintains its original strong and central popular rhythm pattern named the clave.

Different Types of Latina Music Genres You Need to know about

For an introduction, the Latina music genre has different genres and this describes how classic Latina music is from others. It is unique and stands out from the rest because of its varied structure and rhythm that leaves you wanting more.

The way the rhythm of Argentina’s passionate Tango changes with every beat speaks volumes.

From the romantic Bachata to the vibrant Salsa, crossing over to the Brazilian Samba and the chilled Bossa Nova proves that the Latina music genre is varied and sweet to the ears when listening in.

The list of popular Latina music genres is wide and inexhaustible so to get a better overview, dive in with the Latin American playlists such as the “Despacito” hit to explore more.

Concluding, in this year alone the Miami Super Bowl concert held in the United States of America, featured Latina top stars such as Jennifer Lopez who spotted a Puerto Rican flag while performing a full set of English-Spanish fused hits. Such international events definately illustrate how the Latina music genre has taken center stage globally.