The Jazz Music Genre

The Jazz Music Genre

Jazz music is known to be among the most relaxing music genres there is. It stimulates a calming sensation in your body prompting the central nervous system to slow down the heart rate and respiratory rate. This in turn makes you feel good and in the right headspace.

Other Benefits of Jazz Music

It is considered good music as it has all the essential elements that make up the same. There’s the melody which can be described as the tune. This is what makes a song unforgettable. There are also harmony and rhythm.

What’s more, jazz music bears some health benefits to the listener. According to top masters in healthcare, jazz music can help relieve stress, reduce the intensity of headaches, complement the use of anesthesia in surgery, reduce the need for medication during childbirth and decrease postoperative pain.

To add on, it is said to unlock the creative part of the brain. This is attributed to the Theta brain waves (4-8 hertz) which are brought about by listening to some jazz music. Therefore, if you won’t find some new insights or solutions to stubborn problems, listening to this music could just be what you need.

How Did Jazz Music Come to Be?

The origin of jazz music can be traced back to centuries ago when slavery was still prominent. Then, slaves were fond of making up songs to help alleviate their pain, entertain themselves and pass time. They would often play and sing music in a special way that would calm and relax anyone who was listening. Though the songs weren’t labeled as Jazz at the time, it is believed that they laid a strong foundation for what we have today.

The whites and slaves did not see eye to eye on a lot of matters, but they all delighted in these songs. Consequently, the genre grew in popularity over the years.

During the early 1900s in New Orleans, Louisiana in the USA, the name Jazz came up. By the 1920s it had become so popular that it spread to other continents including Europe and Africa.

This led to the incorporation by different nationalities and cultures who gave rise to new styles. These include Hard bop, smooth jazz, Latin jazz, African-inspired, and jazz-funk just to mention a few.


Jazz music continues to entertain people all over the world. It not only delights its listeners but also those who play and sing it. Most of them confess that it is one of the easiest song genres to perform as you do not need to thoroughly practice or plan for it.

As long as you have the right equipment, you can go anywhere, find total strangers, and still perform seamlessly. Singing and playing jazz music feels natural.