68 people killed in Venezuela police station fire

68 people killed in Venezuela police station fire

Families were demanding answers and justice as it was one of the worst jail disasters to hit the nation, where human rights groups complain about bad prison conditions.

Carabobo State official Jesus Santander said a policeman was shot in the leg and was in stable condition, and that firefighters had extinguished the fire.

Those who achieve collect what is necessary for a sowing must face hyperinflationary spiral and cost of acquiring inputs on black market. However, as a result of the flames and smoke spreading throughout a contained space, 66 men and 2 female visitors died as a result of burns or asphyxia from inhaling an lethal amount of smoke in a short timeframe.

Wednesday's fire in Valencia, in Carabobo State, 160 km west of Caracas, the capital, was thought to have been started deliberately during an attempted jailbreak.

Switzerland announced a series of sanctions against Venezuela on Wednesday, joining other European countries in cracking down on the South American country over alleged human rights violations.

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The medical brain drain is being felt more acutely in public hospitals, already operating at levels comparable only to the poorest countries, with women sometimes giving birth in waiting rooms and wounded patients treated on the floor.

They surrounded the building after the incident and were dispersed after officers used tear gas. But he remains optimistic about the country, citing the example of South African which overthrew apartheid.

One of the workers in Venezuela prison shared that the jail condition is miserable and overcrowded. Riots and violence are commonplace. Many have taken days to cross the border. Still others wept quietly and clutched their hands in prayer. "They haven't told me anything", she said. Almost two-thirds of these were awaiting sentencing. Rescuers apparently had to break a hole through a wall to free some of the prisoners inside. No one knows. Whether they are here, or in the hospital, or really where they are. Most of those killed were prisoners, but two women who were staying overnight at the station also died, he said, without providing more information.

An investigation would be launched immediately to clarify what had happened, he said, adding that four prosecutors had been assigned to the case.

"The jails in Venezuela are a true hell", wrote Humberto Prado, the group's director. However, for the loved ones outside, it is a time of grief and anguish. They have not released any details on the cause of the blaze.