Samsung Galaxy S8 Android 8.0 Oreo update starts rolling out

Samsung Galaxy S8 Android 8.0 Oreo update starts rolling out

Although the new Samsung DeX Pad is expected to be announced alongside the Galaxy S9, the new peripheral will work with all Samsung Android flagship from the Galaxy S8 and up. Now if you are a beta tester, the download size of the file is obviously going to be smaller and if you want to download the update right away, follow the steps given below. Samsung DeX Pad will allow a user to dock their Galaxy phones and connect peripherals devices like an external monitor, a keyboard or a mouse.

But what's really set tongues wagging is the name of Samsung's Android Oreo update - it's officially called CRAP (G955XXU1CRAP). The update comes with the latest February 2018 patch.

If past releases are anything to go by, people who purchased their S8 or S8+ from Samsung directly or bought it SIM only will get the Oreo update first.

Samsung has always released a stable build for a major OS upgrade about a two weeks after the beta program ends, and it isn't any different this time around. That means you'll be stuck to Wi-Fi or mobile data to get anything done online. It includes features like a new keyboard, improvements to Bixby, color lens for the display, and more.

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We've already taken a deep dive into Google's version of Android 8.0 and we've also taken a look at Samsung's Experience 9.0 UI.

It's also unknown from the leak how much Samsung is planning to charge for the DeX Pad. Yes, you can lay down the entire phone on the DeX so you can hold the entire device.

Keep your Galaxy S8's software update page in view these few days, but let's hope Samsung delivers the update to all of the S8's before the S9's launch at February 25th.