Elon Musk's Red Roadster Heads for Asteroid Belt

Elon Musk's Red Roadster Heads for Asteroid Belt

Let's be clear about one thing: that SpaceX rocket launch on Tuesday was incredible.

An amazing moment in space and a genius advertisement: yes, Elon Musk's ultra-cool, cherry-red Tesla Roadster convertible floating in orbit.

Investors have rallied around Tesla, riding high on a wave of future promises from the electric car company.

"I was told by a SpaceX VP at the launch that they offered free launches to NASA, Air Force etc. but got no takers". Indeed, it can take several years and millions of dollars to build and test even a small satellite that can function in the harsh environment of space. "That's different from the old model of the mainframe approach, when you have one big mainframe and if it goes down, the whole system goes down". It was immediately identified as the recently launched Tesla Roadster. Whatever that meant exactly, it doesn't appear to have been sustained, at least according to sales estimates by InsideEVs: they put January Model 3 deliveries at a little less than 1,900 overall.

O'Black, a production supervisor, manages a team of 20 avionics technicians that built the second stage of the rocket.

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"It's really taking a lot of lessons learned from Model 3 and saying how do we design something to be easy to manufacture instead of how to manufacture or difficult, really". "It's such a unique job and not many people understand it". For example, revenue jumped by 44 per cent in the fourth quarter, year over year.

Wall Street remains mixed on the company's ability to deliver.

She continued: "If only informal inquiries were made & there was no serious interest, that is understandable", adding that this is especially true for a first-time vehicle, and with a late inquiry. But again: caveats, folks. "Tesla had to have been planned for awhile". It's worth asking what is going to happen to this electric sports car condemned to what could be a billion-year elliptical journey. "The Tesla gimmick was the backup". Now, Boeing too is in the race to Mars, which will be exciting to watch from the St. Louis perspective. Yet, as Tesla pointed out, that reflected some Model 3-related capex being deferred.

This week saw the first successful test flight of the most powerful rocket in the world. The Falcon Heavy has been promoted as providing a cost of roughly US$1,300 per kg of payload, while the space shuttle cost approximately US$60,000 per kg.

The show is live every Friday at 4pm ET on Electrek's Youtube channel. However, this first mission saw a much lighter payload than is possible delivered into space. The debris could be drawn by the gravity of Mars, asteroids or even swept away with the solar wind.