157 new emoji are coming this year — Brace your phones

157 new emoji are coming this year — Brace your phones

Unicode Consortium, which manages the standard set of characters used by most major websites and applications, unveiled its new emoji characters in the 2018 release of the standard character set.

Scientists have found a whole wealth of benefits to having the rare hair colour - namely that they have sex more regularly than anyone else. The emojis come in a variety of skin tones and gender variants.

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The previous version of emoji's set from the team was Emoji 5.0. Of course, many emoji take on a life of their own once released, and develop new popular meanings.

"It's not like I'm sitting around working on emojis", he said. What can you look forward to? "Lobster's a good way of calling your significant other", one woman told us.

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The latest emoji update will include several new food items, including a leafy green, cupcake and bagel.

Great news if you've got red hair, or white hair, or curly hair, or no hair. It's the badger, isn't it?

The gripe must've gotten back to Unicode ... because a few minutes later Hawk updated his fans to let them know that he's now involved with correcting the travesty before it debuts in June.

After being previewed late last year, the full list of emojis has now been published by the Unicode Consortium, and they're due to be launched in the second half of 2018 - August or September. "Really? that's awesome!" she exclaimed. Are you, in fact, a superhero?