WATCH: #Storm in Amsterdam leaves trail of destruction

WATCH: #Storm in Amsterdam leaves trail of destruction

A powerful storm spawned furious winds across Europe on Thursday, killing at least six people in three countries while toppling trees, ripping roofs off buildings, and forcing the cancellation of hundreds of flights.

Amsterdam airport - one of Europe's busiest - was forced to close for a brief period today as winds caused safety concerns. Other videos showed a construction trailer blowing over after a man stepped into it; a multiple-story sign blowing over, people tumbling in the wind through a town square; and bicycle commuters being blown away while waiting for lights to change at intersections.

Footage from the Netherlands shows toppled trees on the street and a woman pushing a baby stroller narrowly escaping danger. It was the most powerful storm to hit Germany for 11 years.

All flights at Amsterdam's Schipol Airport were briefly cancelled because of the storm.

Driving conditions in parts of Scotland are extremely hazardous, with officials advising motorists to stay off the roads because of blustery winds, heavy snow and icy conditions.

In a statement on the Deutsche Bahn website, long-distance train routes between Hanover and Berlin, Cologne and Frankfurt, and Frankfurt to Munich have resumed service.

Three fatalities were reported in Olst, Enschede and Vuren. Trees also fell onto train tracks, adding to the danger, the report added.

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Asimismo, según Muñoz, el fallo no se hace cargo de la realidad de la política pública de protección al consumidor y del rol del Sernac .

Things don't start off well, with the rider coming to a complete stop and having to put his foot down as the wind, which hit 90mph in some areas of the country, brought him to a standstill.

In a startling clip posted on Twitter, a cyclist loses his balance and is blown across a pedestrian crossing, before eventually crashing into a railing. A total of 164 departures are canceled, and 155 arrivals. He later died in hospital, police from the eastern state of Saxony-Anhalt said.

Eight people died in Germany, including two firefighters who were killed during rescue operations, four people who were killed by falling trees, and two drivers who lost control of their vehicles due to the gusting winds.

Across Germany many cars were also smashed by storm debris.

The company had on Thursday suspended all high-speed services due to storm Friederike - the first such stoppage since 2007, when major gales battered the country.

Air traffic, trains and buses halted nationwide after Code Red weather alert is issued for large parts of the country. Another 62 people were injured, he said.