Upcoming CPU patches could cause performance issues

Upcoming CPU patches could cause performance issues

So, now you know what Spectre and Meltdown bugs are and how they can be exploited on a considerable number of devices.

Other news announced during Krzanich's keynote include the launch of Intel Studios for advanced, 3D video productions; support for Intel-powered virtual reality broadcasts during the coming Olympic Winter Games; and autonomous driving technology partnerships with BMW, Nissan, Volkswagen, SAIC Motor, NavInfo, and Ferrari North America. But Apple claimed the slowdown will be negligible - there's "no measurable reduction in performance" on the operating systems and only as much as a 2.5% decrease in speed on the Safari web browser. The first two are known as Spectre and the third as Meltdown.

How can we patch vulnerabilities on AMD? With a large testbed of data, it reports neither customers nor internal users are experiencing any kind of perceptible performance degradation using Google's platform or software services.

Intel's processors are at the heart of the majority of the world's PCs and server machines making its assessment of the side effects of patching the vulnerability an important indicator of the extent of the issue. It's worth noting that there hasn't been a documented case of anyone exploiting these issues, but security experts point out, it would be difficult to track if it had happened. Recently, the company was forced to remove these updates from some systems running AMD processors and graphics cards. Devices that are affected by the flaws span laptops, desktops, mobile devices, cloud-based systems, and more.

Source Tech ARP
Source Tech ARP

Microsoft has reported performance issues with computers and servers resulting from security patches for vulnerabilities in hardware chips from Intel and AMD. That's a challenge because the processors were made vulnerable by a feature called speculative execution, which was meant to boost chip performance.

Where to go from here?

Further, some antivirus software who do not have the ability to change Windows registry keys, may require some time to add those abilities to the software. Companies should ensure defense-in-depth info security protections are in place (e.g., endpoint security, firewalls, log management) and are efficiently working. Apply the patches in a test environment and test against your applications. These software updates will be provided by system providers and OS vendors; please check with your supplier for the latest information on the available option for your configuration and requirements.

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