RNC renews support for Roy Moore's Senate campaign

RNC renews support for Roy Moore's Senate campaign

Moore tweeted Monday afternoon that he has the president's "full support".

Moore was responding at the time to what he said were false advertisements purporting that he doesn't believe in the Second Amendment.

Trump also took time to reiterate his endorsement of Alabama special election candidate Roy Moore - who Flake vocally opposes even as the rest of the GOP has softened its stance toward the man accused of inappropriate sexual behavior toward teenaged girls when he was in his 30s.

Romney was referring to various allegations of sexual harassment against Moore, some of which allegedly happened when the victims were underage.

Earlier in the day, roughly 250 miles (more than 400 kilometers) to the north, Moore's Democratic opponent called Moore an embarrassment who would be a "disaster" for Alabama in Washington.

Trump on Ala. Senate Race ‘We Don’t Need a Liberal
Trump on Ala. Senate Race ‘We Don’t Need a Liberal

President Trump speaks during a lunch meeting with Republican members of the Senate, including Sen. Debbie Wesson Gibson: "I felt like this was the first thing that I've seen that I know personally for a fact to be a lie from his mouth". Trump wrote on Monday. Trump himself agreed to campaign later in the week in nearby Florida, but many national GOP leaders say the allegations against Moore are credible and he shouldn't serve in the Senate.

"We find the allegations very troubling", Sanders said, but the "people of Alabama" should decide at the ballot box next Tuesday if Moore should be in the Senate. "No to Jones, a Pelosi/Schumer Puppet!" It also can't help but cause people to wonder just how heartfelt Flake's criticisms of Trump are. Flake is a conservative, and conservatives like tax cuts.

Moore didn't address the allegations directly on Tuesday night. The Republican president formally endorsed Moore on Monday and directed the Republican National Committee to send some financial assistance after withdrawing roughly a dozen staffers last month.

"There has been a tug in this country overall to one side", Blakeman said before the rally. Yes, I think he is.

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