Hundreds of Homes Lost in Californian Fires

Hundreds of Homes Lost in Californian Fires

Thus, the American Psychological Association focuses on the media, among other things, in its list of things to do to alleviate wildfire distress.

Further south in San Diego county the "Lilac" fire was ballooning at a dangerous rate, charring more than 4,000 acres after igniting Thursday morning and triggering a new wave of evacuations as it encroached on the university town of Santa Barbara.

Thousands of firefighters are working to douse the flames in the face of challenging weather conditions, which includes dry vegetation and strong winds.

It is the latest eruption of wildfire in the state, which has already seen widespread destruction from a series of uncontrolled blazes.

A fountain burbled and - after the retreat of the Skirball Fire - the sky had turned azure. "We don't feel that kind of maliciousness coming from nature and so those disasters are easier to accept".

The so-called Skirball Fire destroyed several homes in the exclusive area, quickly spreading over 150 acres.

"With this break in the weather, we've made good progress, but that progress is limited to those areas that are safe to fly in", said Todd Derum, the incident commander for Cal Fire.

Containment grew by 10 percent as of 4:30 p.m., Stewart said.

Citizens for a Humane Los Angeles is looking for foster homes to help clear up space at shelters for displaced animals.

A CalFire plane drops Phos-Chek during the 'Skirball Fire' in Bel-Air, California. Historically, such losses could be included as a tax write off, but not under the new bill, which would end the use of tax deductions for natural disasters.

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Winds are expected to pick up - with gusts up to 80 mph - and likely fuel wildfires that have engulfed numerous hillsides in flames, quickly incinerated neighborhoods and prompted the evacuation of more than 110,000 people.

Despite the fires' intensity, authorities have reported only one fatality so far, an unidentified person whose body was found overnight, according to Tim Lohman of the Ventura County Sheriff's Office.

For Californians who welcomed one of the wettest, drought-busting winters early in 2017, the fury of the fires is startling.

The Ojai Raptor Center, a wildlife rehabilitation facility north of Ventura that specializes in birds of prey, released 14 birds shortly before the mandatory evacuation order came with the approach of the Thomas Fire this week, director Kimberly Stroud told CNN.

The Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District closed all of its schools Wednesday and Thursday.

"It's better for them to stay where they're at and comfortable, versus move them around a lot", she said.

Many schools have also been closed. "What's not to like?" The blaze ranks as the 19th most destructive fire in the state's records. Los Angeles has received less than two-tenths of an inch of rain since May 1.

Creek Fire: The second-largest blaze ignited a day later in neighboring Los Angeles County. His eye is inflamed and his eyelash and mane is burned.

Rye Fire: It broke out Tuesday in Los Angeles County and has burned 6,000 acres. The agency is struggling to contain these fires, but high winds make conditions so hazardous that firefighters can't access certain areas.

The Liberty Fire in Riverside County is currently burning at 300 acres and is 5 percent controlled.