Microsoft employee uses Chrome, after Edge crashes

Microsoft employee uses Chrome, after Edge crashes

It's no horror story, however, as the unnamed employee took the time to casually address the audience so he could continue the demonstration unhindered.

We can see in the video, that after a brief moment of hesitation, the employee finally gives up and charmingly informs the audience that he'll be taking a moment to install Chrome in order to finish the demo session, which he then goes on to do.

Giving a live tech demo is a hair-raising opportunity for the universe to punish you for whatever karmic misdeeds you may have committed in this or any other life. It will be remembered probably still decades of Bill Gates, who had been a victim of the famous "blue screen of death " at the official presentation of Windows 98. According to The Next Web, the presentation aimed to show potential customers how to migrate applications and data onto Microsoft's cloud service, but Edge kept crashing during the demonstration. Of course, the representative had to keep the presentation running and there was only one way he knew how.

The bug occurs 36 minutes and 43 seconds after the beginning of the video (the video embedded in this article starts at minute 36): Microsoft Edge plant and does not respond. (Watch from 37:00 onwards in video below).

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Microsoft has been drilling it in our heads ever since Windows 10 launched that Edge is the best browser in the land.

Furthermore, he unchecked the "Automatically send usage statistics and crash reports to Google" box to joke about his blunder, "And we're going to not make Google better", he said.

He also explained that the Edge browser on the machine he's using is a bit "locked down" compared to regular Edge browsers.

The thing is, demos fail often during the presentation.