Maronite cardinal hopes to meet Lebanese PM in Saudi Arabia

Maronite cardinal hopes to meet Lebanese PM in Saudi Arabia

"I am free", Hariri told the interviewer, apparently seeking to show he was not being detained by the Saudis.

Hariri hinted that he could go back on his resignation if the Lebanese Shiite movement Hezbollah stops its alleged involvement in regional conflicts.

With the borders reopened, some respite will come for the hundreds of thousands of malnourished Yemeni children and infected victims of war.

"He had a very good meeting with [advisor to Iran's Leader] Mr. Velayati the day before his resignation in Beirut, where they discussed Iran-Lebanon cooperation", he added.

Hariri was appointed prime minister late last year.

Saudi Arabia's mission to the United Nations said this on Monday in an official statement.

On November 12, Hariri broke his silence on his resignation, saying he is "completely free" and not being held under some form of duress by his Saudi patrons. He repeatedly drank water, finishing his glass and asking for more, prompting Yacoubian to hand him her own glass of water. He also accused Saudi Arabia and Israel of masterminding the Lebanese political crisis.

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Observers noted the journalist who interviewed Mr Hariri made an effort to demonstrate that the event was live, rather than pre-recorded, though there were several moments which raised suspicions about the conditions under which the interview was held, the Associated Press reported.

A Saudi-led alliance will start reopening airports and seaports in Yemen to allow humanitarian and commercial shipments into the war-torn country.


The resulting power vacuum is regarded by Iran as an invitation to extend its tentacles across the Middle East. Its most effective proxy, nestled in Lebanon, is Hezbollah, a battle-hardened terror group that has threatened Sunni-run governments and the state of Israel.

But he said his resignation was his decision, dismissing reports he was forced to quit a unity government with Hezbollah.

Saudi Arabia has asked its citizens to leave Lebanon, and many Lebanese fear further economic sanctions or even military action against their country.

"The Saudis have gone too far this time".

Apart from abuses like these, we also have to protect our children from sexual predators as much as we can.