IPhone X Users Report Annoying Earpiece 'Crackling' Sounds

IPhone X Users Report Annoying Earpiece 'Crackling' Sounds

As the Apple iPhone X's display is manufactured by Samsung, this might be a serious hardware problem which can not be fixed permanently via software updates. They removed the home button at the bottom and, if you'll recall, that was pretty much the go-to button for numerous actions that you would perform with your phone, including taking a screen cap.

He says the iPhone 9 (or whatever it ends up being called) will also have a much more agreeable price tag than the iPhone X.

Previously, iPhone 8 users had complained about a "crackling" sound.

With all of the new features announced this year there's never been a better time to pick up an iPhone 8 Plus or the newly released iPhone X.

The iPhone X is only a few weeks old but already the rumor mill is starting up about next year's iPhones.

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We've recently covered a number of issues which affect some of the new iPhone X devices, such as problems with the speaker, and the dreaded green line along the edge of the display. It's a really bright line going down the entire right side of the phone'.

Separately, some other iPhone X users have reported that the phone's earpiece speaker is giving off a crackling or buzzing sound, according a report by 9to5Mac.

The sequel to the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus will also be bezel-free, according to the analyst, but with LCD tech rather than the more expensive OLED tech powering the display. The company is also working to collect "diagnostic information" from users so that it's engineering team can "investigate the issue" and provide a permanent solution for it.

That being said, Apple has acknowledged the issue and is reportedly replacing the affected iPhone X units free of cost. Think of these as the iPhone X 2, at least for now.

Darus 214 on Reddit was the first to raise the issue, claiming that as soon as he walks outside into cold temperatures the screen starts to become unresponsive, which meant he isn't able to swipe on websites and it doesn't recognize his finger easily.