Bitcoin price hits new record highs as good news buoys investor confidence

Bitcoin price hits new record highs as good news buoys investor confidence

It was dead on arrival yesterday too, but nothing has changed over 24 hours later.

To round off another entertaining, educational, and innovative week in bitcoin, we finished as we began: with a silly story, this time about Bitcoin Clashic, the umpteenth fork to surface which, like many of its predecessors, is probably an elaborate hoax.

JP is a freelance copywriter and SEO writer who is passionate about various topics. On the same date, a group of developers unsuccessfully attempted to implement the Segwit2x hard-fork. "The next step to accelerating the world's adoption of digital currencies is to unlock the institutional money preparing to enter the space". Individuals associated with Bitcoin including investors, miners, and developers who wondered how the fork with the SegWit2x protocol would impact the currency's value.

Subsequently, after Segwit2x did not succeed, Coinbase re-enabled all Bitcoin services at 06:17 PST.

Nevertheless, since November 12, Bitcoin has defiantly struggled to keep its price above $5,500 USD, and after gathering its strength, Bitcoin has again punctured new price highs.

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Con todo, según el informe la actual coyuntura del posconflicto es una oportunidad inmejorable para transformar esta situación. No obstante, según el informe, el contexto de postconflicto ofrece un inmenso potencial de transformación para el país.

Then, just days before the hard fork was to be finalized, the proponents of the split called the entire thing off, pointing to a desire for unity across the different groups with an interest in the future of the cryptocurrency.

A recent article in the MIT Technology Review suggests that "under certain circumstances [bitcoin cash] can put a serious dent in bitcoin's value".

Nonetheless, it is a distinct possibility that investors moved toward the newer iteration of the leading cryptocurrency in response to the news of the hard fork's cancellation. Coinbase, which is one of the most famous cryptocurrency wallet and exchange company right now, seems to be at the forefront of realizing the opportunity behind a new product involving cryptocurrencies.

It's difficult to say whether the recent downturn in bitcoin's price was correlated with the surge in bitcoin cash value.