The Latest Xbox One Update Fixes The Home Screen, Again

The Latest Xbox One Update Fixes The Home Screen, Again

In a wider matter, PlayStation 4 (with both Slim and Pro editions) will get 35.7% of the share and Xbox One (with basic Xbox One and the X edition) will get 29.3% making the difference even bigger.

As such, you'll find more personalisation being added to the home screen, adding up to 40 pinned things, ideal if you happen to be using your Xbox more than anything else, and there are three colour theming options in the settings, including dark, light, and high-contrast.

The Xbox One X's extra horsepower isn't only useful for rendering games at 4K. However, what's more important is that it fixes the problems gamers are experiencing on the regular Xbox One. That left the company down two big exclusives, leaving fans wondering if it had enough to continue the success of Xbox. You can set it to everybody, friends, or block altogether.

You can also now filter between Xbox One games, Xbox 360/Xbox games, and Xbox One X Enhanced games. Some see no reason to get an Xbox, because they could just play on PC. This produces a smoother, more detailed image than rendering natively at the lower resolution does. Bundle-bee The Xbox One S was launched in India this week.

It's a perfectly valid question: will the Xbox One S hold back the Xbox One X? Like the jump from standard definition to HD, the additional clarity of 4K really is quite striking.

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Loftis was upbeat about 2018's line-up too, citing Crackdown 3, Sea of Thieves and State of Decay 2, as well as the Xbox One X enhancements for all the other Xbox One X exclusives.

The Xbox One X is a powerhouse console, even on a non-HDR 1,080p TV.

Instructions on how to prepare for the Xbox One X updates can be found here.

That same data shows that the PlayStation 4 Pro and Xbox One X have captured roughly the same amount of interest, with 22.2 percent eyeing the PS4 Pro and 21.6 percent looking to pick up an Xbox One X. Meanwhile, the IDC estimates that the basic PlayStation 4 Slim only has the attention of 13.5 percent of shoppers with the Xbox One coming in behind that at 7.7 percent. As it seems estimations are already made and Sony wins.