Pro-Life Candidate Pulls Ahead in Race for Virginia Governor — Latest Poll

Pro-Life Candidate Pulls Ahead in Race for Virginia Governor — Latest Poll

On health care, Gillespie said it was necessary to expand access to affordable health care, but he also said Washington D.C. couldn't be counted upon to solve problems in Virginia. Score one for Trump here.

This is a developing story.

Gillespie's old boss, former President George W. Bush, was in Richmond Monday at a fundraiser in downtown Richmond that turned out a solid Gillespie crowd of business people and Bush supporters.

On the campaign trail, Gillespie largely maintains a sunny disposition and has skipped Trump-like rallies in favor of more subdued events, with lengthy policy discussions and G-rated language.

Pence's speech was both predictable and disappointing. His request should not have been called divisive and we apologize for that. Is there really a need for someone to buy more than one gun a month? One might as well take the gentle slope of intellectual junk food rather than take reality square on. However, Pence is wrong to say the "war on coal is over". Why is this still happening?

Gillespie took the floor for the second hour of of the events, answering questions posed by Loudoun Times-Mirror Executive Editor Dale Peskin. Trump is scrapping the Clean Power Plan.

When asked to pay Gillespie a compliment, Northam said "He is a nice human being and has good intentions".

Trump niega haber hecho comentario a viuda de soldado
Bush " se preocuparon mucho y trabajaron sin descanso con los (soldados) que sirven, los caídos y sus familias ". Wilson replicó en CNN: "El presidente obviamente está mintiendo porque yo que yo dije es la verdad".

He was the first generation of his family to go to college and spoke about working his way up from a Senate car parking lot attendant to serving "as a counselor to the President of the United States of America".

He's probably right - thanks to Northern Virginia.

Gillespie then oversaw a massively successful effort to help Republicans win control of statehouses in 2010, and helped advise Mitt Romney's 2012 presidential bid. Democrat Phil Murphy's 47% to 32% lead over Republican Kim Guadagno is boosted slightly by those who consider Trump a factor in their decision, a segment in which Democrats outnumber Republicans. "But there's plenty of room and time left for Northam to close the deal or for Gillespie to close the gap". Gov. Terry McAuliffe has backed the pipelines while Northam has tried to avoid the issue.

Republican and Democrat values are diverging. During his years as a state senator, Northam assembled a 100 percent pro-abortion voting record, leading to his endorsement by NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia.

Barring baneful slavery, the values that made America great are Virginia's because American values originated primarily in Virginia.

The contest will be decided Tuesday, November 7.