Arab women open up about experiences with sexual harassment — MeToo

Arab women open up about experiences with sexual harassment — MeToo

Janice Palm from Shepherd's Counseling Services and attorney Anne Bremner joined New Day today to help us understand why the words 'me too' are striking such a chord with society right now. Gross on so many levels. The three of us were sitting on a desk and he was continuously bullying us and making inappropriate remarks. She says he raped her in the 1980's. For Sashka, a 36-year-old tech entrepreneur who lives in the San Francisco Bay Area, the scandal has brought back the feelings of self-blame she experienced a decade ago after a friend sexually assaulted her in a hotel room.

The next day, Corden issued an apology on Twitter. Now he's about to try and sell the company to Colony Capital's Tom Barrack, a major supporter of Donald Trump. "I said I was the proof".

This is especially true for women in the industry; you'd be hard-pressed to find a single individual who doesn't have at least one story about being made to feel uncomfortable because of unwanted advances in the music workforce. 30 Rock made a joke about his predatory ambitions. With more women doing so there is also the comfort of numbers.

That was a different time and a different place, but it seems nothing has changed. Sexual assault is no laughing matter. "There are very few things that are worth speaking up about because when and if you decide to do that, it's over". Cairo ranked last, while London came top. It was about a silent virtual revolution born of a sense of victimhood and a record of each woman's trauma, all of which assumed global proportions. Or even OJ Simpson? Several pointed out that men can be victims of sexual violence too, though at a statistically lower rate than women. We have very little vocabulary for women's sexual responses, therefore it is hardly understood, and then men project it inaccurately onto women.

En Nochixtlán hubo uso excesivo de fuerza letal: CNDH
Luis Raúl González Pérez también destacó que la CNDH recibió quejas de personas a las que se les está obligando regresar a sus centros laborales, sin tener todavía un dictamen que confirmen su óptimo estado.

Weinstein was accused of rape by multiple women. People were talking about how it happened. How on earth can he not be mentioned? Said she, "We were brought up to be independent".

Some lawmakers are pushing to give workers more legal protection to raise concerns.

The tweet has since garnered more than 61,000 replies and more than 22,000 retweets. Until that happens, perhaps they can accept a punchline. Blind loyalty, some say, is seen as an asset.

What are some of the criticisms?