Norfolk based hospital ship heading to Puerto Rico

Norfolk based hospital ship heading to Puerto Rico

Maria struck September 20, knocking out power for nearly all the 3.4 million residents and demolishing structures on an island already struggling after Hurricane Irma's brush earlier this month. The U.S. government is reported to be considering waiving shipping restrictions to the island to expedite the delivery of aid.

Just before noon Tuesday, the dining room at Buen Provencho Restaurant should have been getting ready for the lunch rush.

"We have to help them". Trump also raised the serious specter of PR's debt, which skyrocketed in recent years to over $70 billion (75 percent of its GDP). Puerto Rico's financial problems are a result of its leaders' bad decisions, the financial and political strictures that come with being a commonwealth, and the predatory practices of some Wall Street financiers. "I felt like everything was ending, not knowing what they were doing, if they were hungry, if they needed me", Vicens said.

Conditions in Puerto Rico remain dire. Without electricity, many critical services are hard to provide. I reached out to others. Seventy-five students from the island just started in Holyoke in the new school year. One suffers from Alzheimer's and the other is a wounded veteran. My mother and my father is fine. They knew Abuelo Guisin's wooden dream home - where I worked on new musicals during summer breaks from college - could not possibly withstand a major hurricane.

After hearing her colleagues describe dwindling supplies of medications, as well as no electricity, food, or water, Vazquez turned to colleagues at Yale.

"We kept calling constantly", said Rivera.

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The mayor of San Juan described the Caribbean nation as in a "humanitarian crisis" Tuesday.

A Staunton woman is working to help the victims of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico.

He kept his word. "We don't know how long we have to be here for", she added.

Along with the aforementioned Facebook post, Córdova shared a photo of two Arecibo employees standing in front of the damaged telescope dish and holding up the flag of Puerto Rico.

After record flooding from Hurricane Harvey devastated parts of Texas and Louisiana, Trump made two visits, first to Corpus Christi and Austin on Aug. 29 and later to Houston and then Lake Charles, Louisiana, on Sept. 2.