Nintendo's Arcade Archives brings classic games to the Switch

Nintendo's Arcade Archives brings classic games to the Switch

Head to the eShop and check it out now. This marks the latest console upon which Mojang's wildly popular product has launched.

Word of warning though, Minecraft will only run on the New Nintendo 3DS models.

Minecraft has made its way onto just about every platform you can imagine - you can play it on your Android phone, your Apple laptop, your Windows desktop, Xbox, PlayStation, and other devices.

Kirby Star Allies will feature co-op gameplay where you can throw hearts at up to three enemies and turn them into your allies. The N3DS "Minecraft" will also have new additions in the form of five skin packs for characters and two texture packs for the blocks, some of them patterned after Nintendo properties. The in-depth video showed off the game's various kingdoms, one of which was revealed for the first time: a frosty world with the appropriate name of Shiveria.

Nintendo didn't announce a specific release date for the boxed version of Minecraft new 3DS edition and if you plan to buy one, it could be a long wait.

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As one of the more bizarre bosses featured within the footage, a buff King Dedede has also taken the Kirby fan base by storm.

Much like Doom and Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus, Minecraft: New 3DS Edition is a pleasant surprise.

The game is also set to have local multiplayer capabilities, but that it would have to be implemented in a future patch according to the official "Minecraft" website.

A new, intriguing-looking shooter called Morphies Law is coming to Switch this winter. Protip: It's gotta be the cutest one. A beta test version of the game will launch this winter.