Australia Announces New Space Agency

Australia Announces New Space Agency

It has been edited to better serve our audience as part of a collaboration between Via Satellite and The Lead South Australia. Cash announced the news prior to attending the International Astronomical Congress in Adelaide, Australia.

The heads of the world's largest space agencies are attending the congress, all of whom praised Australia's decision. As OHB worked on New Space projects before this term had even been coined, the consider themselves to be well positioned in this regard.

The International Astronautical Federation will hold an annual conference in South Australia.

He says it would be a boon for the number of Australian jobs in the space industry. "This will result in new jobs for sure, no questions".

Australia's space sector, which includes small satellite manufacturing, aeronautics software development, and telecommunications, is estimated to be worth about AUD $4 billion (USD $3.1 billion) per year, and it employs about 11,500 workers.

"That will be their challenge", he said.

The Turnbull Government will establish a national space agency to ensure the growth of Australia's domestic space industry. "There's still a lot of work to be done around building the technology because that requires industry to stand up and work on it".

"But I can share a little bit about what we have been hearing from the industry".

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"This will take the form of a very long value-added chain, starting with research and development actors and manufacturers of space hardware, and ending with the providers of space-enabled products and services to final users".

It has played a vital part in many space missions in the decades since then, with its Deep Space Communication Complex outside Canberra one of only three sites in the world capable of tracking NASA's deep space assets.

On China's first national Space Day on April 24, 2016, President Xi Jinping said it was time for China to 'seize the strategic opportunity'. "Today's news means that our goal of becoming an innovation nation is now one step closer".

The federal government's announcement follows months of lobbying by the Space Industry Association of Australia, the South Australian government and key industry figures.

Space plays a significant role in the lives of most Aussies.

Professor Boyce said: "This agreement also helps create the right environment in the ACT for space engineering to grow and deliver commercial operations. Where should we go?", she said. So it's not surprising that the industry is now underdeveloped.

The Review was announced in July and formally launched consultation in mid-September, having already staged preliminary chats that reached 400 people.