Apple Needs an Entirely New iPhone, Not Just a New Version

Apple Needs an Entirely New iPhone, Not Just a New Version

There's a reason Apple had to tap its rival as a supplier for the iPhone X. And yet it's Samsung that has made edge-to-edge screens popular this year with the Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8+, and Galaxy Note8, all which sport beautiful screens with higher resolutions and pixel densities than the iPhone X's. But the difference here is that with Apple adopting these technologies, they sort of get a legitimacy and the ecosystem falls into place announcing that this feature is here to stay.

Brand-wise, the replacement cycle of most smartphone brands stood at around two years, the report noted. iPhone features the longest replacement cycle with 40.9 percent of the researched iPhone users are changing their phones after three years of usage or even longer.

The most obvious benefit of a bezel-less phone?

Shouldn't we expect an iPhone 9 after iPhone 8? Bendable devices long have been considered the next big thing in smartphones, but only organic light-emitting diode displays have the required pliability. But at the end of the day, a smartphone is still just a rectangle.

Here's my concern. Apple has always been very good at telling you that the things you want and the things you need are the same thing. Other technological wizardry offered by the iPhone X includes a new facial recognition system called Face ID, and a front-facing TrueDepth camera which enables cartoon animals called "Animojis" to replicate your facial movements, expressions, and speech. Each device is a top quality flagship smartphone and, frankly, I would be happy to own any one of them.

Specifically, Sprint is offering 50% off the lease price of an iPhone 8 or 8 Plus with an "eligible trade-in" of a relatively new device.

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One of iPhone X's unique features is the Face ID. Future iPhone X owners (the phone starts shipping on November 3) should be thanking Samsung. Selfies look better; funny videos you want to share at the bar suddenly look sharper. The S8 and S8+'s 12-megapixel camera is also top-notch, capturing photos that offer rich contrast and colors. But doing so isn't a forward-looking leap - it's watching the throne in a market with some renewed vigor and excitement thanks to upstarts like Essential. Designers needed to figure out how to make the screen bigger while shrinking down the size of everything else that wasn't the screen - and so the race to eliminate the bezel began.

Both the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus are also water and dust resistant.

It's raining smartphones this week and we have some of the best handsets now available in the market. They allow files and projects to be accessible mobile but you will not get all the capabilities as the computer. It's not just a neat optical illusion - it's one of the few gee-whiz moments in tech journalism where you get to say, "Holy shit, that's cool". The Android device field has never been stronger, and some aspects of its current leading trends meant that the X was inevitable.

Biometric authentication using your face is already on some smartphones, like Samsung's Galaxy 8, but it often doesn't work so well. If you use the S Pen on a regular basis, this supercharged phone is a no-brainer.

"This partnership with Himax highlights the technology investments we are making with Taiwanese companies to continue leading in visual processing innovation", said Jim Cathey, SVP and President, APAC and India, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. The camera is fast and with both a wide-angle and telephoto lens on its backside, it offers the ability to zoom in on subjects without losing detail and add DSLR-style depth to your snaps. Tango is an augmented reality platform created by Google which enables devices to be aware of their relative position with their surroundings.